Aidan Casey

Chief Technology Officer at Wavebreak Media

Aidan Casey is the Chief Technology Officer at Wavebreak Media where he leads the development of DesignWizard, the company’s online graphic design software. As CTO he is not only responsible for driving the company’s technology vision, he helps shape the company’s culture through lean and agile principles.

He believes strongly that the first step to creating highly effective teams is building trust.

Aidan has over 15 years experience working with leading global brands performing leadership roles in agile transformation, architecture and software delivery.

He is an international speaker and recognised by Microsoft as a Microsoft Azure MVP as a reflection of his cloud computing expertise, a willingness to share it and his community leadership.

My Sessions

Organisations must celebrate failure to achieve success (Aidan Casey)

Hogan Mezzanine 2

Since our childhood days we’ve been programmed to perceive failure in a negative light. In many organisations failure in the workplace is unforgivable and a culture of deflecting and concealing mistakes pervades. In order to innovate at high velocity we must try new things and experiment with the expectation that some will fail. In a […]

Track: Munster - Theme: The Agile/Lean Leader