Anna's Ukrainian Story!

and her call for medicine

Donate to help Anna buy Ukrainian’s medicine here

Anna’s Story: 

Before 24 February, I was working as a tour guide in Lviv. But my life has changed, as the lives of millions of Ukrainians. I grew up in a small town Valky in the Kharkiv region and my parents and many of my friends are still there. A friend of mine created a volunteering centre in my hometown. And I started to help him. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, I collected about 305,600 UAH or approximately €/$8,300 for charity. Altogether we collected UAH 142,878 (€/$3900) for medicines.



We also bought primary products and Easter bread for grocery sets, which were distributed in the Valky community in the Kharkiv region before Easter.


I am still telling people about Ukraine and its culture online in Zoom. “Cultural journey around Ukraine” is the name of my online lecture. 141 times or 141 hours, I spoke about Ukraine in English to people and companies from different parts of our planet. I am glad that employees of Google, Airbnb, Pinterest, Amazon Studios, Salesforce, Pfizer, Cisco, ING bank, Sandvik, and other great companies know more about our country and culture now.

Today I am asking you to donate for buying medicines for the Kharkiv region. Please donate here


In support of Anna (one of our virtual hosts) and the Ukraine, #ALI2022 will be donating a percentage of revenue to Anna’s cause.