Agile-Lean International (ALI) are looking for Session Hosts for our virtual ALI conference on 16 November 2022. Our Session Hosts are a crucial part of the conference, responsible for welcoming the speaker and delegates, hosting the session and Q&A, and ensuring all runs on time. 


About the Role:

– You will be responsible for hosting up to 5 speakers for up to 4 hours one day in a track. 

– You will welcome the speaker, and make them feel comfortable before admitting delegates. 

– You will introduce the delegate using a short prepared intro (that we can provide). 

– After the speech, you will host a live Q&A session with submitted questions from the audience as well as any of your own. 

– You will keep the session to time. 

– You will raise any issues (technical or otherwise) to a member of the ALI Core team for resolution. 

– You will be given full training on the platform and technology and will be supported by ALI and our technical partners beforehand and long after. 

About you:

– You are passionate about Agile. 

– You are an excellent communicator and comfortable speaking in front of crowds. 

– You are skilled at multitasking and can think on your feet.

What we are offering.

– Free passes to Agile-Lean International

– Free networking with some of the top Agile thought leaders alive today. 

– The opportunity to be seen as a leader in the Agile community. 

– A glowing LinkedIn reference from Agile-Lean International.

We are looking forward to your help.


Submit Your Volunteer Application Here