Embracing Change in the Workplace and Elsewhere (Michael Nir)

Full Day Workshop - 24th April 2019

Venue: Croke Park, Dublin (entry on Jones’ Road through the Hogan Stand). Registration opens at 8am. Workshop starts at 9am.



To change your own behavior or the behavior of anybody else, you need to do three things – you’ve got to direct the Rider (reach the rational part),

motivate the Elephant (reach the emotional part), and shape the Path (clear the way).

The Rider needs direction and the Elephant needs motivation. And both the Rider and the Elephant need the lowest possible friction on the path to the destination.

That’s how they can move quickly. Switch – Dan and Chip Heath


Ever wonder why some changes stick and other change ’transformations’ fail?

Did you notice that when others don’t adapt to changes that we lead or endorse, we blame them for being inflexible, dinosaur luddites.

When we resist changes that are imposed upon us, we are convinced that the change leaders have it all wrong, and things are working just fine.

Change can be a great thing and it can be scary; in this hands-on, exercise driven workshop we recreate change scenarios; guided by the ADKAR and 4 phase model, Kurt Lewin, and concepts from Switch (Heath Chip and Dan) we experiment and discuss best practices to lead transformational change in the workplace and elsewhere.


Who Should Attend

Among those who would benefit from this workshop are:

· Lean agile leaders;

· Coaches, scrum masters, product owners and other who lead organizational change;

· Teams and business team members;

· Project Program and Portfolio managers;

· Business unit managers – emphasizing leadership and experiential work;


Learning Objectives

You will learn how to


· Assess the impact of change;

· Prepare for impending changes;

· Lead others through changes in your workplace;

· Get buy-in and handle resistance;

· Lead your organization through difficult changes;

· Become an ‘agent for change;

· Communicate a change and managing perceptions;

· Gain increased confidence and motivation in times of change



The workshop is highly interactive it includes:

· Numerous team exercises

· Team analysis

· Pair reflections

· Role play simulations


What do participants receive? 

· Course slides handout – printed

· Best practices to leading change

· Pair interaction practices supporting others to change

· FREE downloadable PDF of the change cycle

· Clarity!!!

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