Together, let's drive meaningful change!

ALI (Agile-Lean Ireland), is thrilled to announce a research collaboration with Dr. Tatiana Andreeva, Associate Professor, and Research Director from the School of Business Maynooth University. This collaboration aims to delve into the profound impact of hybrid working and develop innovative solutions to benefit the community at large.

As the global workforce undergoes a transformative shift towards hybrid working models, ALI recognises the critical need to understand its true implications on productivity, employee well-being, and organisational efficiency. By teaming up with Tatiana, ALI aims to gather valuable insights and data-driven analysis to help shape the future of work. By leveraging the collective expertise of both organisations, the research findings aim to provide actionable recommendations for individuals, businesses, and policymakers.

ALI and Tatiana recognise the significance of engaging with the community and stakeholders throughout the research process. To ensure a holistic and inclusive approach, ALI and Tatiana will actively reach out to the community, including professionals, organisations, and local authorities, seeking their input, support, and collaboration. This collaborative effort aims to foster a sense of shared responsibility and create sustainable solutions that address the evolving needs of the workforce.

This collaboration between ALI and Tatiana represents a significant step towards bridging the gap between academia and industry. By pooling resources, expertise, and perspectives, both organisations aim to drive meaningful change, foster innovation, and empower individuals and businesses to navigate the complexities of the modern work environment successfully.
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