Persuading the Bear™ – How to become an awesome influencer! (Michael Nir)

Full Day Workshop - 22nd April 2020


Previous participants loved this workshop:


Miljan Vesković – Scrum Master at United Cloud

 – I’d like to thank you for your workshops at Agile-Lean Ireland 2019. It was simply wonderful experience and really great pleasure being a part of your amazing teaching. Just keep going on!!! I really enjoyed listening you how amazing technique is to influence people with no authority.


Josh Dilly

– Michael Nir is a great resource on Agile and leadership development, and a fantastic trainer. I had the opportunity to attend his “Persuading the Bear” workshop through Pittsburgh PMI, which was one of the best day-long training sessions I have attended in recent memory. At the end of the workshop, I took the opportunity to purchase two of his books, which were very informative and enjoyable to read.


When you are faced with the following challenges, you wonder, maybe there’s a better way?


*       Your team is arguing again, how could you influence them to work together and agree on the objective?

*       Meeting with your director, she is opposed to the solution your team is working on, what could you do to persuade her?

*       Alex is always opposing the experiments and changes you propose, what do you need to do to collaborate?



Let’s experience how to create engaged communities together, through great influencing skills.


We’ll discover:


*       Learn best practices for leading and influencing without authority;

*       Identify skills you need to create Horizontal Influencing;

*       Explore non-manipulative influence and persuasion;

*       Practice energy/style/behaviors of influencing – push, pull and reduce;

*       Learn the power levers of influencing; 

*       Experiment with the formula to saying NO!;


Each component is presented, discussed and synthesized through a hands-on pair or team activity;

We’ll use Liberating Structures exercises, and the workshop is modelled after Training from the Back of the Room concepts.


In case you’re interested to learn more about the workshop:


For over 20 years, my personal transformation journey as a consultant and later as a leadership agile coach taught me to look for patterns in organizations.  I have recognized recurring behaviors that plague unsuccessful disengaged organizations. The overarching problem is the traditional approach to organizational power/influence which I named vertical influencing. Unsuccessful organizations suffer from high employee disengagement since they adopt vertical influence patterns. This is true in for profit, government and non-profit organizations as well


Vertical influencing originates from viewing power/influence as a zero-sum game – a win lose proposition. Where one idea is a winner and the other a loser, one side is right and the other is wrong; In unsuccessful organizations everyone competes to be the influencer, the winner, breaking support communities & leading to disengagement. 


On the other hand, I discovered that successful organizations adopt a fresh paradigm of horizontal influencing. Presently, these horizontal influencing structures manifest themselves in lean agile approaches. Horizontal influencing radically changes the way people interact creating engaged communities.


The know how to horizontal influencing includes a set of skills fundamental to building Dyad and Triad relationships; creating a true win-win environment at the individual, team and organizational level. Through this prism, Influence is communication at a deep level, where we relate to each other compassionately and look actively for commonalities and shared goals.


Our model of the 4 components to Influence without Authority:(Based on OODA loop framework, developed by John Boyd)


*       Situation (Observe)

*       Perception (Orient)

*       Decision (Decide)

*       Strategy (Act)


Who should attend?


*       Engineers and developers, architects and business analysts required to persuade others in teams and in business;

*       Project, Program and portfolio managers who need to gain support from business and development;

*       Product owners, Scrum masters and teams looking to further their ideas in a collaborative environment;

*       Generally – those wishing to learn how to perform their job better by enlisting the support of others


What do participants receive? 


*       Course slides handout – printed

*       Best practices to influence without authority

*       Pair interaction practices to impact influencing styles




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