Lightning Talk – Blending Agile Approaches (Paddy Corry)

Hogan Mezzanine 2

Agile approaches help teams to navigate complex terrain step by step, by always uncovering better ways of doing things. Agile coaches and scrum masters help organisations to learn, and this learning is at the core of developing an agile mindset.

To become skilled at this, Scrum Masters need to know a little bit about learning, what can help nurture it, and what can prevent it. Biases can get in the way, and ego can be a pretty big impediment to a team, but also to a scrum master!

Paradoxically, a scrum master needs to become comfortable being wrong, in order to create an environment where learning can happen. Showing vulnerability can be a sign of strength! In this session you’ll learn about how experimentation in blending agile approaches can encourage collaboration between the team and the scrum master, and help create a learning environment in an agile organisation.

In addition, Paddy will draw on his experience as a software developer, teacher and scrum master to present how approaches can be blended in different ways to help create a culture where experimentation and learning are encouraged.

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