Doing the Right Thing(s) – Harnessing the Power of Flow and Value-Based Agility (Fin Goulding)

Hogan Suite

Is your Company really ‘end-to-end’ agile?

Many organisations routinely implement bad business decisions or sub-optional solutions. This can usually be attributed to the fact that very little effort is directed towards making the entire organisation more agile and the work coming into the funnel lacks any real rigour.

Also, agile methodologies mostly implemented within technology functions plus some associated business liaison functions. These teams can become very adept at delivering quickly but the art of value discovery is sorely missing and this can lead to unused products, unrealised benefits or even worse, failed programs.

Value-based agility will not only make sure that you do the right thing(s) but by harnessing the power of Flow principles, you will see how to get them done faster than ever before.
Fin’s presentation will cover some of the latest thinking around value-based agility which goes beyond the current state of what we currently call agile and help to demystify the world of Business Agility.
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