Go Home to go Big – Why distributed Teams are the future and how yours can become one, too (Tim Herbig)

Hogan Suite

Ever since the shift towards agile practices, product teams have hung on to a set of core attributes, which range from cross-functional, to customer-centric, all the way up to iterative and independent. But there’s one aspect which should vanish from this list of must-haves: co-located. In this talk, I will bust the most
common myths around remote work by using practical examples to translate the challenges of co-located teams into a remote setup. I will also point out why so many companies are dissatisfied with their existing remote setups and how they can create inclusive environments which enable collaboration on eye level across multiple locations. I will draw from my own experiences over the past 4 years of shifting from being responsible for the product in a fully co-located team, to a partly remote team and a fully remote team including the fuck-ups and learnings. This talk aims at opening people’s minds about what true remote work means and
that it goes beyond the image of cocktail sipping “digital nomads” which is holding larger organizations back from embracing remote work. The talk will shed light on a challenge every company will sooner or later face: Recruiting talent outside of the geographical areas of your HQ. So, even though it’s not an issue today, fully co-located companies need to think about their attitude and remote-readiness for the future.

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