Happy Melly One – A real experiment with Agile Management (Ralph Van Roosmalen)

Hogan Mezzanine 2

Many people talk about Agile management, self-organizing teams, organizations without managers, but do they really exist?

Yes, they do! I am the CEO of Happy Melly One, and I have nothing to say about the company. I am just one of the team members, the company (including me) won’t accept managers. To make things more complicated, we are also fully distributed.

How do we do things?

In this talk, I will share how we decide on salaries, how we decide on who is going to do what, how we define our bonuses, how do we hire and fire people. All the things that are taken care of by managers in many organizations.

The take away will be to realize it is possible to have an organization without managers!

Agile Leadership