Is it SAFe to scale? A survey of key Lean-Agile scaling considerations (Jon Terry)

Hogan Suite

By now most large enterprises are past the experimenting stage with Agile. Many are beginning to realize that simply training teams in Agile techniques like Scrum and Kanban, while useful, isn’t sufficient to achieve real business transformation. And they are struggling with coordinating teams involved in work on large solutions and the tensions between Agile approaches and other organizational patterns and practices, things like budgeting and staffing, that were ignored or fudged until now.

In this talk Jon Terry will share his experience working with executives on these challenges at large enterprise in Europe and North America. He will outline his view of the typical state of play. He will explain what he’s seeing in terms of adoption of techniques from agile scaling methods like SAFe, DAD, LeSS, and Spotify. And he will discuss the big questions being raised by executives in their struggle to take Lean-Agile across the enterprise. The goal is to help those trying to get started to better understand key concepts and considerations.

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