Leadership for complex times (Augusto Evangelisti)

Hogan Mezzanine 1

In my experience with agility in the digital industry, I have often witnessed a two-tier adoption pattern. On the ground floor, the workers trying to get on with the modern agile ways, trying to release often and early, and trying to embed the learnings into their work. On the top floor, leaders unaware of the changes that are required for them to facilitate the workers in their new approach. Leaders that continue to use the tools that they have learned 20 years ago and expect them to work regardless of the changes that they expect from their people.

To recognise we need to change our ways, as leaders we need to acknowledge the complexity of the organisations,
technologies, products, and people we lead. In this talk, I describe the new skills that leaders need to learn to be able to lead a modern organisation. I also talk about the new tools that we can use to navigate modern problems, tools
developed from experimentation and research on complexity and complex adaptive systems. If you are a leader willing and ready to learn, you just can’t miss this.

Agile Leadership