Let’s talk Testability (Rob Meaney)

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Testability accelerates learning, shortens feedback loops, facilitates better more robust automation and deep, valuable exploratory testing. Testability is the key catalyst in allowing teams to release all kinds of changes safely, quickly and in a sustainable manner.

The most significant quality improvements I’ve seen during my career haven’t driven by testing. They were driven by building relationships and influencing the right people at the right time to build quality in and focus on Testability.

I’ll recount the experience that opened my eyes to the power of a whole team focus on testability. How we transformed a stressful, bloated, ineffective 7 week release process over a 12 month period into a routine affair that only took a matter of days.

I’ll run through the lessons, workshops and models I’ve created and used extensively and with great success in my role as a test coach so that the audience can take actionable insights back to their teams.

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