Workshop – Persuading the Bear: Learn how to Build Communities of Shared Values through Influence Without Authority (Michael Nir)

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Persuading the Bear: Learn how to Build Communities of Shared Values through Influence Without Authority

It was 9 pm on a Friday night and I was still in the office, my spouse had just called asking when I’d be home, my boss was all over me.

I had been working on a proposal for the last 5 months and couldn’t get the team, vendor and client’s buy in!

I became insufferable, even Ron, my best friend, declined our traditional Wednesday Ruben run.

I changed jobs frequently, feeling unfulfilled (my ‘record’ was 4 hours on the job) until I became physically ill.

After a third round of 5 grams a day antibiotics, it was obvious something wasn’t working!

I decided to quit yet another position and venture out to the unknown.

Since then, I have been leading organisational change as a coach and mentor.

Remarkably, the same patterns that confused me in the past, emerge time and time again.

When disruption hits our business, the traditional approach to organisational power/influence fails us.

We revert to treating one another as expendable resources, inflicting pain and suffering.

This behaviour originates from viewing power/influence as a zero-sum game – a win lose proposition.

Where one idea is a winner and the other a loser, one side is right and the other is wrong;

In such a world no wonder everyone competes to be the influencer, the winner, turning the disrupted organisation into a battlefield.

I offer a unique perspective where influence is a form of community building.

It is a collection of skills that are fundamental to building relationships and creating a true win-win environment at the individual, team and organisational level.

Through this prism, Influence is communication on a deep level, where we relate to each other compassionately and look actively for commonalities and shared goals.

Experience how to create communities together, through building positive relationships.

We’ll discover:

  • Influencing patterns by exploring relevant best practice protocols
  • Approaches through recreating and re-running real interpersonal situations
  • Specific behavioural patterns relate to them, and learn how to influence without authority.


Based on Michael’s bestseller : Project Influence and Leadership: Building Rapport in Teams: and Six Secrets of Powerful Teams:

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