Workshop – Testing requirements in agile (Fran O’Hara)

Canal Café
One of the key ways a tester adds value in an agile team is to support the testing of requirements. The requirements usually take the form of epics and user stories. Some teams also create workflows, story maps, etc. to help with the bigger picture.  The tester’s role in all this is more than ‘just testing’ and it is more than just the testing of user stories. This workshop will provide an in-depth coverage of how a tester can maximise their contribution to testing requirements to help deliver value to the customer.
Topics covered will include:
– The role of a tester in relation to communication and collaboration in the team and how this occurs
– Understanding the big picture so we are not just ‘blinkered’ by stories in our testing.
– Understanding the user story, its purpose, the role of acceptance criteria, requirement versus solution, examples of good and bad stories and criteria to use to evaluate
– How Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) help prevent defects. The role of test automation in testing requirements. Practical aspects of the ‘3 amigos’ approach in BDD collaboration
– How to shorten the feedback loops on defect detection whether you are automation your tests or not and the relationship between tests and examples.
– Testing non-functional requirements like performance and usability
– Using risk based testing in agile
Team based exercises and discussion will be used throughout the workshop to reinforce learning. Participants will leave with the confidence to maximise their contribution to testing requirements having practiced refining good stories, asking good questions and designing good test cases.
Agile Testing