The Agile Organization – A HR (and PR) inconvenience or inevitable reality? (Kevin Empey)

Hogan Mezzanine 2

While the case for Agility may be compelling, that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to practice or implement in an organizational context. As an enterprise-wide capability or competency, it is often inconsistently defined and unevenly executed, due in part to its conflicting demands and consequences for leaders, individuals and for HR. Indeed, HR has a key role in enabling agility, influencing so many of the necessary organizational levers for success such as talent strategy, recruitment, development and reward. There is also a growing belief that AgileHR is, in fact, the future for HR itself. We often hear about what leaders need to do to create an agile work environment, but what about individuals themselves? What skills do they need to develop and learn to thrive in an agile work environment and to future-proof their own careers?

In this talk, Kevin will explore the human side and realities of Agility and he will suggest what leaders, individuals and the HR function need to do to make Agility the norm for the organization rather than the exception.

Agile HR