Workshop – The importance of Finance, in an ‘Agile’ Transformation (Stephen Dowling)

Nally Suite

If we get the funding model right, many problems will disappear!

Who should attend this session:

Agile Coaches
Scrum Masters
Transformational Consultants
Finance Professionals

Do you want to fast track the adoption of Agile and Lean ways of working (and thinking)
within your organisation?

If so, we believe a huge help will be to make friends with Finance right from the very
beginning! How good would it be, if we could get the Finance function to become one
of our strongest allies?

In organisations, the reality is, nothing much can happen without funding. This
enables absolutely everything.

If we cannot establish and evolve suitable ‘fit for purpose’ funding and resource
allocation models, right from the start, enabling agility is a wishful dream! Finance
drive this process, and, if we’re serious about creating more Agile organisations at
speed which are ongoing and sustainable, then, getting the finance function on board
from the very beginning, will act like a massive steroid’s injection!

In our experience, not enough time is spent engaging with and educating the Finance
function. Finance has a very critical role to play in the evolution of more Agile and Lean
organisations and the sooner their leadership can understand and embrace these
Agile and Lean ways of working (and thinking), the better for everybody in the
organisation. We want (and need) them to take an active, and leadership role in this

Once Finance fully grasp and understand these new ways of working (and thinking) and
how they fit with what they do, they will quickly realise, that, these new ways are
essential, to help them to cope better with a very fast changing world, but they can
also help them, to do critical elements of their own job better (e.g. control,
compliance and risk management), and do it more effectively. By embracing these
new ways, Finance will become a critical partner, to not only fulfil their existing role,
but to play an even more important, ongoing business critical role, to support and and
enable organisational performance.

As Agile practitioners, what we’ve got to realise is that, by doing this we will need to
get them to unlearn much of what they have been formally trained to do. This covers fundamental areas such as their core beliefs (mindset), how to lead and the management processes to be used. This will not be like asking them to swap out or change a favoured briefcase, it’s more like, are you willing to undergo open heart surgery for the organisation?

To do this we’ll need them to be extremely brave and courageous, as they will going
against the mainstream, leaving what they believe is the safe calm harbour of what
has worked in the past! To do this, they will need much help, support, understanding
and patience, as this will not be an easy and painless journey!!!

In this workshop Stephen will share his proven strategy and approach, to engage
with Finance, to help get them on board as quickly as possible.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Understanding and empathising with the role and obligations of Finance
  • Creating Understanding and Awareness
  • ‘Fit for Purpose’ approaches
  • Getting Finance Leadership Buy In
  • Some suggested 1 st Steps
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