Anna Woodward Kennedy

Founder & Managing Director at Chillistore Technologies

Anna Woodward Kennedy is a proactive, entrepreneurially-driven and highly accomplished Software Globalisation Specialist and Scrum Master. She is the Founder & Managing Director of Chillistore Technologies – a Software Globalization Service company specializing in driving Quality Assurance by leveraging Agile Frameworks.

Anna manages a cross-cultural team along with 300+ vendors to provide globalization services in 70+ different languages. She drives industry innovation and leadership for cultivating client-centered services with optimal quality that generates streamlined services in alignment with client requirements while fostering complete engagement with global distributed teams.

My Sessions

Lightning Talk: How Teams Move from Ordinary to Extraordinary (Anna Woodward Kennedy & Andrew Lawless)

Davin Suite

Transitioning to Scrum shakes up roles. How do Agilists make new teams work at peak when they have much more responsibility for scheduling, prioritizing, and decision making? What can be done to relief additional pressure. This talk explains how the three parts of the mind lead to failure, why Agile teams don’t get certain things done, how they can identify […]

Track: Connacht - Theme: The Agile/Lean Practitioner