Cansel Sörgens

OKR Coach & Trainer

Cansel Sörgens has been working for 13+ years in Digital Product Management with/for e-commerce/e-business companies in different roles in Product, Project, Portfolio Management and Agile Organisational Development. Since 2016 she practices Objectives and Key Results (OKR) and as a Business | Strategy Coach specialised in OKR she helps organisations to (re)start their OKR journey. She’s passionate about OKRs because she sees it as gateway to Business Agility, starting the conversation about strategy, value-driven alignment, focusing on measurable outcomes for more customer centricity, and multi-disciplinary collaboration in all organisational levels. More information: https://cansel-soergens.com

Workshop: How to create a diverse culture with OKR?

Everyone dreams of a diverse culture but creating it is a challenge. OKR (Objectives and Key Results), a framework to execute and validate a strategy, can help to make this dream come true. However, even though the idea of OKR seems easy writing outcome oriented OKR and tracking them during an OKR cycle is not easy. In this interactive workshop (zoom & miro) I’m going to explain briefly what OKR is, how to write outcome oriented OKR and possible pitfalls during an OKR cycle. After a brief introduction we are going to use the creativity of the participants. In breakout sessions participants are going to collaborate to generate ideas and write outcome oriented OKR that might help to develop a diverse culture.