Christiaan Verwijs

Co-Founder of the Liberators, Professional Scrum Trainer at Scrum.org

Christiaan Verwijs enjoys igniting positive change in teams and organizations. It is his strong belief that people should be empowered to drive change themselves, rather than being told by management or consultants how to change.

Always aiming a bit too high, his mission is to liberate the world from dehuminizing and demotivating workplaces by helping organizations find better ways to tap into the creativity, the intelligence and the wisdom of people.

He is a Professional Scrum Trainer and course steward at Scrum.org, avid writer and loves using Liberating Structures when working with groups. He is also quite a nerd.

My Sessions

Liberating Structures – An Antidote to Zombie Scrum

Nally Suite

Scrum is HUGE! It’s massively adopted by organizations. That’s of course awesome! Except for the fact that many organizations and teams think they’re doing Scrum, while they’re not. Sure, they’ve got all the Scrum roles, events and artifacts in place. But there’s no working software at the end of the Sprint. There’s no drive to […]

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