Colm O’hEocha

Principal Consultant at AgileInnovation

With nearly 30 years in software development, Colm has been applying agile and lean approaches for 15 of those. He has served as Software Engineer, Systems Architect and Director of R&D with several global companies. As an agile trainer, coach and consultant, he has supported large scale lean/agile adoptions in over 40 organisations across ICT, Finance and Telecoms. Colm is founder and principle of AgileInnovation – his company name reflects his research into the interplay of agile and lean development approaches with product and process innovation. Colm has extensive hands-on experience of agile in the development of enterprise systems, embedded software, and high-innovation research environments. His training includes Agile/Lean for Executives, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Portfolio Management and Lean/Kanban software development. He supports companies adopting these methods through assessments, consulting and team coaching. See www.agileinnovation.ie or details of training, services and past customer engagements.

My Sessions

Workshop – Kanban and Work Visualisation – LIMIT: 25 PARTICIPANTS (Colm O’hEocha)

Canal Café

In my 2 day Kanban training course, attendees use several simulations to experience Kanban and key Lean concepts first hand. Here I’ll run a simulation where we’ll visualise workflow using a Kanban board, and collect data over a 35 day simulation. We’ll use this data to generate key metrics such as Flow Efficiency, Throughput and […]