Dee Morrissey

Consultant, Coach & Corporate Trainer

A Consultant, Coach & Corporate Trainer, Dee Morrissey MA (hons) MSc. specialises in helping people to work smarter NOT Harder. A Project Manager (PRINCE2), as well as a leader of Process Improvement (Lean SixSigma), how we problem solve & work together whilst doing so, is a deep passion of hers. A Scrum Master, as well as a PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner, Dee works with people to develop sustainable strategies for business transformation, and facilitates people to understand how they can work at their optimum. Whether she is training groups in the development of management skills & formal business qualifications or leading a transformation project as a consultant and working as a coach, Dee’s focus is invariably on communication and feedback loops. In her playbook, there is no such thing as a stupid question, because if you need to know or understand something, the only stupid thing is not to ask. Dee leverages on what we can learn from Agile believing we can always get smarter with our questions to reach the object of the exercise of delivering on products & projects.

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