Fin Goulding

Co-author of FLOW, International CIO at Aviva

Fin embraces change, transformation and innovation in equal measures. Always at the forefront of Technology and not frightened to experiment or challenge the status quo. He is currently the International CIO at Aviva Group with technical responsibility for Europe & India with a remit to kill legacy, drive their Digital agenda by introducing the next generation of Agile based on Flow Principles and to disrupt the insurance business by collaborating with FinTech/InsurTech startups.

In his recently published book “FLOW – A Handbook for Change Makers, Mavericks, Innovation Activists and Leaders”, Fin explores what he calls the new world of Agile.

Prior to Aviva, Fin joined Paddy Power as the Group CIO & CTO for Europe where he pioneered DevOps, KanBan, Continuous Delivery and an early variant of Flow where he discovered that Technology and Process change is relatively easy compared to cultural change.

Fin has an extensive international background and held the position of CIO at Sabre Holding’s off-shore Global Development Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Whilst working with Sabre, he was the CIO of Travelocity Europe and CTO of lastminute.com where he developed his skills in Personal Branding, Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Development.

Before focusing on e-commerce and the mobile space, Fin worked predominantly in Financial Services & Banking, holding senior leadership positions in companies such as First Data Europe, Visa International, HSBC Bank, RBS Bank and Nat West Bank in Europe. He has worked in many countries around the world including the USA where he was the Senior Vice President of Technology Solutions at VISA in San Francisco.

Fin describes himself as a failed punk guitarist that became a programmer because he wasn’t a very good musician

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