Frances Smyth

Scrum Master at ClaimVantage

Frances Smyth joined ClaimVantage as a Scrum Master in February 2017, and has been helping them to adopt scrum practices while scaling fast. Frances holds a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics, an Advanced Diploma in Project Management, and is a certified Professional Scrum Product Owner/Scrum Master. With over 13 years of commercial experience in IT, Frances understands what it takes to excel at Scrum within the constraints of business. Through coaching. Frances has embarked in a journey of personal development by assisting organisations through their Agile Transformations.

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Scrum in the Insurance Industry (Frances Smyth)

Nally Suite

The insurance industry has long been known as one that is reluctant to change. Other financial services verticals, such as banks and hedge funds, were early adopters of agile processes, while insurance companies tended to lag behind or experiment on a relatively small scale. In a traditionally paper-based industry, the adoption of new technology is […]

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