Gordon McMahon

VP at JPMorgan Chase

Gordon McMahon is an agile software engineer and coach based in Glasgow, Scotland. He has been practicing XP & TDD since around 2002, and is an active member of the local agile/lean software development community. A keen pair-programmer, Gordon extended that practice into Mob Programming a few years ago to experiment with new ways of developing software. He now heads up the coaching services for J.P.Morgan’s Glasgow Technology Hub and is using Wardley maps to inform and direct coaching engagements.

My Sessions

Experiments in Mob Programming (Gordon McMahon)

Nally Suite

My team have been mob programming full-time since late 2016 in a multi-national corporate setting. I’d like to share some of our experiences and observations about this extended experiment. We’ll be talking about the mechanics and practices around how we mob, the interesting changes to the team dynamic, and how it has re-shaped the team […]

Software Craftsmanship