Jay Bond

Enterprise Agile Coach

Jay Bond is an expert at coaching executives, leaders and teams through agile transformation. He’s trained hundreds of teams and thousands of people in agile. He’s worked with several fortune 100 companies including AIG, Chase Morgan, Cisco and Kaiser Permanente. He’s authored courseware for several clients including an ICAgile approved course on facilitation. He has a series of animated videos and enjoys both virtual and front of room instruction.
He’s committed to developing learning organizations that continuously improve. Passionate about creating the necessary change in mindset, to transform organizations from doing agile, to being agile.

How to teach Scrum in 10 Minutes

The Story of Scrum is a fairy tale designed to illustrate that stories create a share understanding while teaching the fundamentals of Scrum. The story is about a princess, Princes/Product Owner, The King and Queen/Stakeholders, The Surfs/Delivery Team and a Wizard/Scrum Master. I will present the story using PowerPoint and make the deck available for download.