Jonathan Smart

Partner, Enterprise Agility Lead at Deloitte Digital

Jon leads Deloitte’s Enterprise Agility practice in the UK, helping organisations to deliver Better Value Sooner Safer Happier, through the application of agile & lean principles and practices, organisation-wide.

Previously, Jon was leading on Ways of Working globally across Barclays Bank, which is 328 years old, with 80,000 colleagues in 40 countries. After three years, teams are on average delivering three times as much in a third of the time with 23x fewer production incidents and the highest ever employee engagement scores.

Jon has 25 years’ experience of taking and leading an agile approach to change. He and his team is the winner in the category of “Best Internal Agile Team” at the Agile Awards 2016.

Jon is the founder of the Enterprise Agility Leaders Network, is a member of the Disciplined Agile advisory council, a member of the Business Agility Institute advisory council, a member of the Programming Committee for the DevOps Enterprise Summit, a guest speaker at London Business School and talks at 6-7 conferences a year

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