Josh Ether

Principal Agilist, Coach, & Consultant

North Carolina Native, Josh Ether is a Principal Agilist, Coach, & Consultant. He founded Ethereal Agile to better help him harness his experiences & pay it forward: focusing on the motto of “Beautiful Harmony in Duality”, Ether believes that Sustainability and Innovation have to be uniquely paired in each instance to generate success. Ether is a member of the Agile Moose Herd, Agile Samurai Group, and the Banana Masters. With over a decade in the non-profit space “Walking the Talk” of Servant Leadership. Is passionate about redefining the “Masculine” Leader and the art of Management. Emphasizing effective communication and trust so the system can do the seemingly impossible. Ether is passionate about the connection between purpose, and performance at work, and how Agile can be harnessed to accelerate system growth. He emphasizes empowering co-creation with the desire to lead with a servant heart and find balance in life will provide unimaginable benefits. Ether holds specializations from Wharton University in Personal & Professional Success and UC Boulder in Organizational Leadership. ORSC-trained and ICF-certified Coach, he holds over 2 dozen certifications in Scrum, Kanban, Lean, DevOps, Six Sigma, Kaizen, XP, Agile Leadership, and Coaching.

Josh is a husband, father, and business coach who is passionate about helping people and businesses reach their potential. He has a wide range of experience in business, marketing, and leadership. When he’s not coaching systems, he enjoys spending time with his family and soaking in every moment with his wife and son.

Distracted Development: Rethinking multitasking

How many things can be our top priority? One!!! Being distracted or multitasking while driving a vehicle could have dire and even life ending consequences. Thinking of developing a Product as Driving your car. You shouldn't: drink & drive, text on your phone (death by meetings), put on makeup (quick fixes that we should have made time for before), or many other things that take away from the purpose of the trip delivering the value