Kalpesh Shah

Director, Agile Transformation Services at IntraEdge

Kalpesh Shah CSM, SPC is Enterprise Agile Coach with over 7 years of experience in creating and working with different shapes and sizes of Agile teams. He has worked with organizations ranging from Fortune 50 companies to startups, helping them make the transition to Agile way of working, implementing Agile at Scale, employ Lean Product Development approaches and instill Lean Startup mindset. As a monk on a spiritual journey, he is also on a journey of discovering, learning and implementing different agile techniques to create happier teams which in turn create better products, his version of enlightenment!

His latest passion is Culture Hacking through continuous experimentation which will promote innovative thinking, extend openness, embody rationality, and bring design thinking into teams.

My Sessions

Workshop – Standup Poker: How We Hacked Our Daily Stand-up & Our Teams Mindset! (Kalpesh Shah)

Nally Suite

One the most significant ceremony of any Agile Team is Daily Standup where the team members get together and plan for their day. But quite often the daily standup turns into a zombie status update meeting where team members come together to blurt out their updates and walk away to their desk without ever maximizing […]

Track: Ulster - Theme: Making Teams Awesome