Leonardo Bittencourt

Principal Consultant at Ammeon Solutions

Currently Leonardo is a Principal Consultant at Ammeon Solutions in Dublin, Ireland.

He is passionate about Software Development where he has been working over the past 13 years. Focused on building high performance teams through Agile and/or Lean adoption, he is enthusiastic about Lean and Agile mindset in the Software Development industry as the transformation agent to create products that matters.

He has a Bsc. in Computer Science and Diplomas in Project and Product Management. He is also CSM (Certified Scrum Master), PMI-ACP (PMI – Agile Certified Practitioner), PSM I and PSM II (Professional Scrum Master I and II), PSPO I (Professional Scrum Product Owner I), PSD I (Professional Scrum Developer I), SAFe 4.0 Product Manager/Product Owner and SAFe Advanced Scrum Master as well as SPS (Scale Professional Scrum).

My Sessions

Lightning Talk – Understanding How Work Works to Improve Flow (Leonardo Bittencourt)

Hogan Mezzanine 2

Urgent work, resource utilization, predictability, blockers, induced work, feedback cycles … do these terms sound familiar? If so, how do they tie together? More important than the frameworks we use in our teams or organisations is the understanding on the dynamic behind the work we perform. This understanding will help us to focus on improving […]

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