Leonardo Bittencourt

Scrum Master at Equifax

Leonardo is a Scrum Master at Equifax Technology in Dublin, Ireland. He is passionate about Software Development where he has been working over the last 12 years developing, leading and facilitating teams.

Coming from a traditional software background, he started seeing product development from another perspective after grasping the idea behind complexity and the theory of constraints. The complex nature of software could be better managed by agile adoption where the empirical process can reduce the risk and complexity while increasing the value delivered to the end user.

Since then he has been focused on building high performance teams and delivering value to customers, through Agile/Lean adoption. He believes that an Agile/Lean mindset is the key transformation agent to create productive working environments as well as products that matter.

For more info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leonardokb/

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