Luciana Paglietta

Senior Consultant and Agile Coach @ Expleo

Luci Paglietta is a scrum master and practitioner coach with experience in working in agile projects and scrum teams. She believes that people can deliver more value when they find joy in their life and in what they do, so her mission is to provide the tools and space to help people to discover their own path, goals and purpose that bring that joy.

She loves sports; outdoor activities; meditation; spending time with friends and family; volunteering; travelling; and learning about health, leadership and neuroscience. Her skills in the kitchen allow her to be creative and disconnect from the world.

Luci is a Project Engineer, Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner; Certified Practitioner Coach with Neuroscience and Certified Agile Business Analyst.

How to develop your Agile skills being a newbie

Agile is a broad world and there is no clear pathway to become an agile coach. However, do we need to have a unique journey or does it depend on every professional? When I just discovered Agile, I realised I wanted to redirect my career to that direction because I found out that my values are aligned with the agile values. Nevertheless, I did not know where I should start from because Agile is a very broad world. So, I decided to start exploring the options. From my point of view, a good agile coach does always look for learning and self-mastery and will always be a newbie because the more we learn the more we realise the infinity of knowledge that remains to be learned. As Socrates said "I know that I know nothing". In this session I will present what I did to explore and choose my Agile journey, how I aligned and balanced it with my life, how I inspect and adapt nowadays, and I will provide some tools to help you to explore your own path.