Mags Dineen

Co-Founder & CTO of Expert Software Test

Mags is Co-Founder (and CTO) of Expert Software Test, an Irish testing consultancy and Founder of Encompass Testing, a successful Australian-based testing consultancy. She has over 25 years’ experience in managing development, test and operations teams across Australia and Europe and has held a number of senior management positions across multiple industry verticals including telecommunications, banking, security, government and retail. She’s a passionate, strategic and pragmatic and establishes inclusive environments where people can thrive and achieve exceptional tangible outcomes. She was an active member of the software testing community in Australia, sponsoring Sydney Testers Meetup and speaking at Let’s Test Oz and AsiaSTAR conferences. Her articles have been published in Agile Connections (USA) and Testing Trapeze (NZ). She blogs at Expert Software Test and very occasionally tweets at @ExpertSwTest.

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