Mary Carroll

#ALI2022 Emotional Intelligence Facilitator

Leveraging a successful business career working for large multinationals like, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Symantec in online sales and advertising, digital and product marketing/management, Mary now provides Executive Coaching, and Leadership Development with a focus on EQi skills, training and consultancy services. Mary has experience in the following areas:

• Executive, Business, and Performance Coaching.
• EQi and Leadership Development.
• Transition Management (including 1st-time Managers)
• Digital Transformation (People)
• Confidence and Assertive Coaching
• Conflict Management.
• Unconscious Bias
• Intervention support
• Emotional Regulation & Impulse Control
• Executive Support Coaching
• Deeper Conversations
• Team analysis & structure

Mary works mostly at Board Level or with individuals transitioning into a Senior Role. This work is done mostly 1:1 or with small groups. The programs are designed to improve core Leadership competencies including; Authenticity, Coaching, Insight, and Innovation, and typically include psychometric data around EQi and other Leadership behaviours. These assessments give guidance to the work.

How to improve your Emotional Intelligence?

Facilitated Session How to improve your Emotional Intelligence..