Michał Buczko

Test Consultant and Product Owner

I am the advocate for great and efficient testing with 8 years of experience. I constantly look for chances to expand my knowledge to be able to improve all everyday stuff. I feel responsible for taking my self-learning seriously, sharing “new-fancy stuff” with others and helping team members grow as individuals.  Recently I restarted my journey as Test Consultant and Product Owner.”

My Sessions

It requires 3 amigos to define and deliver business goals (Michał Buczko)

Davin Suite

I want to show the audience the importance of the 3 amigos ceremony as the business goals refinement exercises. Thatis a great starting point of working on a feature, epic or user story. A clear practice that enables discussion between DEV, PO and Test around the scope, split to smaller beats, constrains, acceptance criteria, detailed definition of done […]

Agile Testing