Natal Dank

Director and Founder Southern Blue Consulting & Co-founder and Lead Agile HR Coach AgileHR Community

When, at some point, you’re forced to use a 25-box talent matrix (seriously) because, “that’s the way it’s always been done around here”,¬†you know the processes and compliance of Human Resources (HR) have gone too far! This realisation saw Natal embark on an adventure to make HR all about people again, and in doing so, have a chance of being liked at BBQs when she told people what she does for living ūüôā

With the aim of disrupting HR for the good of humans, Natal is an Agile HR pioneer and one of the first to provide Agile HR coaching and consulting in the UK, Europe and Australia.

Natal combines her extensive background in HR, organisational development and workplace learning with innovative Agile practices, to offer a truly unique and transformative approach. The more she witnesses the energy Agile HR ignites, the more convinced she has become of its restorative power, not just for the HR profession but for the future of work.

Natal works hands-on with HR teams and leaders, to help them embrace an Agile mindset, and redesign HR services to enable (no hinder!) Agile teams and organisational transformation at Southern Blue Consulting.

More recently, Natal co-founded the Agile HR Community with the aim of establishing the new professional standard in HR and people practices. Natal also founded the Agile HR Meetup community and hosts regular events in the UK, Europe, and Australia.

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Agile HR – Reinventing Human Resources for the future of work (Natal Dank)

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Agile HR is redefining the fundamental principles of Human Resources. But what does it look like in reality, and how do HR teams make a start?¬†Firstly, we‚Äôll look at Agile for HR, where HR professionals embrace the mindset and tools within their own teams and projects. A movement that is also beginning to reshape the […]

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