Paddy Corry

ScrumMaster at eShopWorld

Paddy Corry is a Scrum Master at eShopWorld, and is currently working with two development teams there. eShopWorld is an Irish global e-commerce business, ranked #1 fastest growing tech firm in Ireland 2015, 2016 and 2017 by Deloitte. In 2018, eShopWorld also won the Excellence in Talent Development award from Technology Ireland.

Paddy is a humble scrum master, coach, mediator, change agent, and is passionate about learning, culture, process, creativity and helping teams.

Paddy co-organises a local Agile meetup group called Dublin North Agile (DNA), and is always looking to connect with speakers and contributors.

Paddy also enjoys writing, and frequently publishes on Medium for a publication named Serious Scrum, where there is a vibrant community discussing scrum and agile related matters in an ever-growing Slack workspace.

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Lightning Talk – Blending Agile Approaches (Paddy Corry)

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Agile approaches help teams to navigate complex terrain step by step, by always uncovering better ways of doing things. Agile coaches and scrum masters help organisations to learn, and this learning is at the core of developing an agile mindset. To become skilled at this, Scrum Masters need to know a little bit about learning, […]

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