Patrick Steyaert

Co-founder - Okaloa, Creator - Discovery Kanban

Patrick Steyaert is a co-founder of Okaloa. Together with its partners, Okaloa helps organizations to innovate and change using an integrative approach with Kanban at its foundation. Okaloa is currently working with customers ranging from high-tech SME’s to large incumbent companies applying Kanban focusing primarily on transformation and growth.

My Sessions

Think beyond methods, create viral change (Patrick Steyaert)

Hogan Mezzanine 1

Adoption of agile methods is not only driven by a legitimate need for increased business agility but is also driven by a less legitimate bandwagon effect. While this bandwagon effect fuels the agile industry, it also leads to change that is often not congruent with its purpose. This has resulted in isolated, if not competing, […]

Track: Leinster - Theme: Advancing Agile