Renata Bochenek

Scrum Master at Ryanair Labs

I am a Scrum Master who truly believes that life without challenges would limit our personal growth. I have been working in Ryanair for the last 5 years. I have seen and experienced how companies of such magnitude undertake the challenge of transitioning from waterfall to agile.

What it takes to create and bind people into teams who then drive the business further.

I am truly passionate about people, their minds and behaviours, as well as what drives and motivates us. I spend most of my free time on research and organising team-focused events along with wall climbing and photography.

My Sessions

Lightning Talk: The Art of Building Teams (Renata Bochenek)

Davin Suite

As a Team Leader, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Department Head, CEO of a start-up or an established company… we are all directly responsible for groups of people. We all face the challenge of welding individual rings of human beings into strong chains, which we then call teams. I will talk about the key factors of […]

Track: Connacht - Theme: The Agile/Lean Practitioner