Rochelle Roos

Co-founder, Coach & Trainer @ We Do Change

Rochelle’s passion is helping teams & organisations make sense of their reality so that they can work towards creating an environment where they wake up inspired and feel true safety at work. Applying a systems thinking approach to aligning Agile methods at organisational level while working with clients to build the correct cultural and context-driven practices is what drives her.

Workshop: How to reduce organisational burnout

In this workshop we explore and connect to organisational burnout what it looks and feels like and how you can start your journey of improvement. We lean on concepts of systems thinking using causal loop diagrams as a sense making tool. Using real life examples and case studies to high light how you can make sense of the problem scape you might have in your organisation. How we can gain a shared understanding of where to start and what to focus on in order to improve and not be overwhelmed with the symptoms of pain all around you. Introducing Kanban practices like creating focus with work in process limits and flight levels to help position ourself in the organisation to know what levers to pull in order to truly influence change and encourage organisational agility. This is a session you will walk out with the knowledge and practical experience of the following tools in your toolbox: - Systems thinking - Causal loops - Some Kanban Practices - Flight levels thinking model - Other