Sarah Graham

Agile Coach in Workday

Sarah is an Agile Coach in Workday with over 18 years of experience in software delivery in telecoms, financials and utilities industries. Although starting life as a software engineer, with some time spent as a business analyst her main area of expertise has been quality. After a number of years as a scrum master, she now focuses her time coaching teams to high performance focusing on a number of collaboration techniques ensuring high-quality software is being delivered. She will share her highs and lows of introducing Behavioral Driven Development to minimize defects and keep customers happy while boosting team morale. Sarah is passionate about creating fun safe work environments for teams to innovate and enjoy. In her spare time she loves to run and tap dance, though not at the same time.


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Lightning Talk – Hold the gherkin: a team’s journey back to basics with BDD (Sarah Graham)

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Many teams embrace behavioural driven development focusing purely on the output, hung up on given, when, then and automation while forgetting about the key focus of BDD – behaviours of our favourite people, no not the lead developer or testers – the actual behaviour of our real-life customers. ‘Hold the Gherkin’ is an insight into a team’s journey with […]

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