Sarah Scarratt

Trainer, Facilitator & Coach

Sarah is a certified Coach and Scrum Master, Mentor and Trainer, specialising in Clean Language and Systems Coaching. She loves to get curious about how people ‘tick’, and delights helping people to get curious about their own selves, in a non-judgmental way. Gently revealing layers until we find treasure. Or trash, in which case, we can throw it out!

Sarah has run her own business for 20 years and has a depth of experience in recruitment and training, small business management as well as a variety of other roles such as teaching and end-of-life counseling.

Systems Coaching and Cotton-Eye Joe

Systems Coaching – where did it come from and where can it go? A whistle-stop tour into the history of Clean Language, Systemic Modelling and how Systems Coaching can help with your teams at work, and at home. How people work and play together at their best, and worst, creating or avoiding drama, staying in a good state or losing it, giving and receiving good or lousy feedback. If you would like to know more about Clean Language before the session, these two links will help: Caitlin Walker Tedx - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVvcU5gG4KU What is Systemic Modelling- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gSlRqfPT4E