Silvana Wasitova

Agile Coach at Wasitova Solutions

Enterprise Agile Coach experienced in introducing Scrum to organizations and teams, ranging from adoption of Scrum practices and ceremonies to effective use of Scrum of Scrums, to coaching organizational change to be agile, and live the agile values beyond just knowing the theory. Successfully introduced or broadened the Agile mindset at companies including Yahoo, Nestle, Microsoft, Skype, and a Swiss bank.

Previously a Scrum Master at Yahoo for 5 years, worked with distributed teams for an audience of millions of end-users for FIFA World Cup 2006, Yahoo Movies and with EuroSport on Olympics 2008 portal.

My Sessions

What is Agile Coaching? What does it take? (Silvana Wasitova)

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From Scrum we know that the ScrumMaster is also the team’s Scrum Coach. Aside from teaching the Team Members and Stakeholders about Scrum, what else could s/he be doing? What does it mean to be a Scrum or Agile Coach? What skills should they have? What should they do or not do? We will explore […]

Track: Leinster - Theme: Advancing Agile