Snjezana Momic

Scrum Master at Comtrade Digital Services

Agile Scrum Master and Agile Coach for Multiple Teams and Scrum of Scrums. Successful Leadership of International Multi-Site Cross-Functional Teams and Management of Award-winning Products. Delivering Agile Training to Help Organizations on their Path Towards Successful Digital Transformation. Helping organizations build an Agile transformation strategy which respects where they are today while laying the foundation for where they need to be in the future.

My Sessions

Handling difficult conversations for Agile Teams (Snjezana Momic & Dejan Cusic)

Nally Suite

Communication is at the heart of Agile. Although we would like to expect from our agile teams to work in an idyllic environment, the reality is far from that. It may not be natural at first, but avoiding difficult conversations can hurt team’s morale and performance levels in the long run. Let us take you […]

Track: Ulster - Theme: Making Teams Awesome