Sriharsha B

An Agile Care Taker - Program Advisor @ Scrum Alliance - Agile Amigo - ICF-ACC

Sriharsha (Sri) – also known as an Agile Amigo – is a passionate Agilist, keeping himself up-to-date with the latest technology and concepts of project management and Agile methodologies. His 20+ years in IT complements his zeal to learn new things, meet new people and stay close to technology. He is a co-founder of an agile group in India that was founded in 2015 called Agile Practitioners Group of India (APGI).

He holds a Masters degree in Operations. He is an ICF certified Coach and a Program Advisor for Scrum Alliance.

He is working as a Lead Agile Coach in a bank in London, UK. He loves to interact with people, and thereby putting all his coaching styles to use for a little more than a decade.

Outside of his 9-5 day, his time would be dedicated to helping the Agile community, by speaking at international conferences, meetups and Agile / Leadership Podcasts. He added a feather in his cap by organising a successful Global Scrum Gathering at Lisbon last month that had about 600 people onsite. As an Agile Amigo, he holds a monthly ‘An Introduction to Agile’ session to all the Agile aspirants to teach them the basics of Agile and Scrum and its best practices.

He takes pride in calling himself an ‘Agile caretaker’.

Ubuntu - From Human Being to Being Human

Since the first primitive primates evolved about 55 million years ago, we homo sapiens have made a remarkable evolution to what we are today as ‘Human beings’. We all carry virtues like benevolence, patience, sincerity, responsibility, wisdom, respect, self-confidence etc. In this talk, let’s explore how these virtues – along with personal agility - can help us in these testing times, unprecedented global health, and economic crisis while the resolution still seems far fetched. As Human beings, being human is important.