Vessy Tasheva

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

About me in a nutshell, in the last 10 years I’ve:
– consulted organisations on culture / diversity & inclusion: various industries from tech through FMCG to services, org size: 20 – 15,000 employees
– authored an independent international diversity and inclusion report covering 10+ companies from 10 countries – vessy.com/diversity
– acted as C-level executive for 2 years (CMO, CSO)
– reported to over 15 founders, C-level executives, managers, and directors
– done 200+ one-on-one meetings to help people grow as professionals and individuals across organizations I worked for
– done a mix of strategy, product, operations, marketing, innovation, culture
– worked in Talent, Venture Capital, Digital Health, Advertising, and Tech
– reported for 5+ years directly to C-level executives
– led a remote team of 5+ people
– worked in 5 tech organizations, size range 4-800 employees

My Sessions